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Help! I can't order with my credit card?

Most common reason is your charge company (their information is printed on back of your credit card) blocks your order to prevent and protect you from international credit card fraud.

What to do?

Please contact your charge company and inform them that you are going to make an international online purchase from Canada, and a charge from Biosense Beauty will be coming. This is Visa & Master Card's new policy for out of country purchases. If you do not phone prior to our billing, your order could be delayed.

If you still having a problem ordering, please email: contact@biosensebeauty.com with an email title "International order". Please email us your full name and inform us the details of error you are experiencing.

How much is tax?

GST/HST will be calculated as per Canadian tax laws within all Canadian provinces. Our Store shall automatically charge and withhold the applicable sales tax for orders. For orders shipped to other states, you are solely responsible for all sales taxes or other taxes.

What countries do you ship to? How much is shipping?

We currently ship internationally. Please click shipping for more information

How do I pay for my order

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard

We do not accept personal checks/cheques, or money orders.  

What is your cancellation policy

At Biosensebeauty.com, we pride ourselves in our dedication to customer service. Therefore, unlike other online stores, we do not charge any cancellation fees for cancellations right after an order is placed. However, please note that you can not cancel any order AFTER we have shipped it from our store.

What is your return and exchange policy?

No Refunds nor Exchanges. We will not provide any refunds or exchanges after your order has been shipped. Email us if you have any questions: contact@biosensebeauty.com

Why is the price different from the last time I ordered?

Due to market fluctuations, prices of items may change from time to time